Presenting Your Keynote Speaker Properly

Conducting a lecture is not an easy task. If you are part of the team organizing the event, you should know by now that there are so many things that you should prepare such as your venue, the date and time for the lecture, your audience, your funds and expenses, and of course, your keynote speaker.

Keynote speakerEvent committees are usually divided to work on different tasks. If you are assigned to tasks involving the speaker, specifically with his introduction, you should not take your responsibility lightly. Most presenters are used to being handed a piece of paper with the speaker’s credentials on it – they just read whatever is written. Although there is nothing wrong with this practice, you should nonetheless, avoid it.

As much as possible, prepare your introduction prior to the event. To give you an idea as to how you can accomplish this crucial task, here are five things you should do when presenting your keynote speaker:

• Do research about your speaker

If you have been assigned to introduce your guest of honor, make it your personal mission to do some research about him. After finding out his name, it is wise that you also learn its proper pronunciation. Likewise, it is only proper that you familiarize yourself with his reputation and accomplishments.

• Do verify his credentials

Some presenters do away with confirming the speaker’s credentials. Instead of checking twice, they just read the notes and deliver the introduction without giving much thought to it.

It could happen that your researchers are mistaken about your speaker’s details. To avoid the embarrassment of being corrected by your keynote speaker, do yourself a favor by checking every piece of information before speaking.

• Do add some personal touch to your introduction

Do not bore your audience by enumerating the speaker’s numerous achievements. When you present your guest of honor, try to be a bit lively and personal. As a suggestion, you may begin with an anecdote relating to your speaker. If you are somehow related or even just acquainted with him, you may also include your interactions as part of your introduction. As much as possible, do not just read off from the teleprompter or from the script.

• Do not take too much time

You are tasked to introduce your speaker only. Do not waste precious time by telling tales or by reading about his whole life story. A five- to seven-minute introduction should be enough to properly present your keynote speaker for the event. If you speak beyond this time, your audience may get bored and your speaker may get impatient as well.

• If possible, introduce yourself to the speaker beforehand

To make your task a success, it is advisable that you approach the speaker before the start of the event. Introduce yourself as his presenter and try to start a conversation with him if he is not too busy.

To give you a better idea of who your speaker is, ask him some questions about his personal background such as his hometown, his age, or even his previous speaking engagements. You could also clarify some matters which are confusing to you such as his name’s pronunciation or his exact college degree.

It is also during this period that you could get acquainted to your keynote speaker, even if it is just for a short time. You can ask him if he is enjoying his stay in your area or how his flight was on his way there. By having some sort of connection with him, you can be more confident in introducing him to your audience.

Simply put, as long as you manage to do all those, rest assured that you’ll please the speaker and get the audience excited at the same time.

Military Coins and Time-Honoured Traditions

Military coins are emblems that symbolize the unique style of fraternity and camaraderie among enlisted men and women. They are used to commemorate career highlights, recognize excellent performance, enhance the morale of unit members, and inspire loyalty towards the unit, the officer, and the organization.

customcoinsTraditionally, the presentation of a military coin is made through a secret handshake, oftentimes catching the recipient in surprise, and the audience unaware. Some surmise that this custom probably started during the Second Boer War where the British Army hired soldiers of fortune to augment their forces against the South African colonists. Since mercenaries were not eligible to receive medals of valor, their commanding officers received all the awards. Stories have it that a non-commissioned officer would sneak into the officer’s room to take the medal off the ribbon. On the public awarding ceremony, the most deserving mercenary was called forward and discreetly given the medal through a handshake as a gesture of appreciation.

In his June 2011 tour of military bases in Afghanistan, Robert Gates, the then Secretary of Defence, boosted the morale of the troops when he shook hands with Armed Forces personnel and secretly gave out a custom Secretary of Defence coin with each handshake.

There are many theories as to when and where the tradition started, but the most common belief is that it originated in the old United States Army Air Corps, Air Force predecessor, during World War I. Legend has it that one of the newly-formed flying squadrons is led by a wealthy lieutenant who ordered bronze struck medallions for presentation to his men. A young pilot, one of his unit members, kept the medallion in a tiny pouch and wore it around his neck. In one of the missions, the pilot’s aircraft was severely hit by Germany’s ground forces which forced him to land on the enemy’s side. He was captured and held in an occupied French town. That same night, he took advantage of the confusion following an artillery bombardment and managed to escape undetected by wearing civilian clothes. He reached a French outpost but was arrested by French soldiers who were manning the post. He was about to be killed on suspicions of being a saboteur when he thought of presenting his medallion in lieu of identification documents that were confiscated by Germans. After verifying with his unit, the French men offered him a glass of wine as a welcoming gesture.

It then became a tradition for the young pilot’s squadron to make sure that the medallion is carried at all times. They started a game of challenge where a comrade would ask a member to produce the medallion. Failure by the challenged member to show the coin meant that the challenger’s drink was on him. The reverse happens if the challenged comrade was able to produce his coin. It was a tradition that they kept for as long as they lived. The practice was picked up by other units, and soon enough, it became a tradition among enlisted personnel.

Carrying a challenge coin is a venerated tradition among the members of the armed forces and there are many treasured and timeless stories about military coins. To this day, many service personnel still carry them as a hedge against possible challenges that may be posed by an officer or a comrade anywhere. It can be costly for an enlisted member to be caught without a challenge coin as he or she, in deference to a military tradition, will have to pay for a round of drinks for those who can present their challenge coins. It is considered a ‘grave crime’ if the challenged member is unable to comply with the consequence.

Military coins are so revered that challenge rules prohibit practices that damage or deface the coin to make carrying more convenient, including hole drilling. Key chains or belt bucklers are also unacceptable storage for challenge coins. Keeping the coin in a pouch worn around the neck is the classic way to carry a challenge coin.

Movable Cubicles Make For Wonderful Portable Housings

Movable-CubiclesMovable Cubicles are some of the most useful storage tools around. The great thing about these portable containers is that they have so many uses. It used to be that they were exclusively used for storing belongings. They were a great alternative to renting a unit at a storage center since these can be placed inside of an individual’s property. This saves people the inconvenience of having to go to the storage facility whenever they need to reclaim some things they have put away.

Movable Cubicles these days are now being used for many different purposes. Individuals who are living in small spaces are using these portable containers as an extension to their living quarters. The dimension of the cubicle is big enough for it to be used as a shelter. These containers are made from heavy duty materials. They come with a dependable lock box to secure the doors. The exterior is made of metal that is weather-resistant so that they can be placed outside of the house rain or shine. They are also leak-proof so during rainy days, the interiors of the cubicle should remain dry.

For those who will be using these containers for the purpose of housing, some of the alterations that they can make to them include adding an electrical outlet to the wall. This way, they can install lighting inside of the cubicle. They can also add air-conditioning to make the interior space cooler and more comfortable. Even though these containers have built-in vents for better ventilation during summer time, it could get pretty stuffy inside. Adding shelves to store books and other knickknacks would also be a great idea. This will help individuals keep their living space tidy and organized.

For those who don’t have the ability to customize these containers by themselves, they can hire a professional contractor to help them renovate their cubicle. Some portable storage manufacturers also offer some basic modification services. Interested individuals can get in touch with manufacturers to make inquiries and arrangements.

The interior walls of these portable containers are leveled and smooth. Individuals don’t have to worry about adding curtains or installing wall paper to cover them. Typically, these containers come in solid colors such as dark brown and beige. The outside of these containers can be repainted to make them look more pleasing. Colors have the power to affect people’s mood; painting these containers in bright, beautiful colors can make these them look more warm and inviting. These containers can be stationed indoors in a vacant spot within one’s house. They can also be placed in the backyard or basement.

Movable Cubicles are available to be rented or purchased. For the purpose of converting them into a shelter, they would have to be purchased. Manufacturers don’t allow major modifications on a rented cubicle since they would have to be returned. In most areas, it is required by law for people to acquire a permit for them to be able to keep a portable storage in their property. For those who are thinking of buying one, this should be their first order of business. Once this task has been taken cared of, they can proceed with their purchase. The supplier will deliver the container to the customer’s location. They can ask the delivery personnel to place it anywhere within their property.

Movable Cubicles are a great solution for people who are in need of an additional living space. This alternative is much cheaper than having another room built into the house. The exterior of these containers can be designed so that it can compliment the environment and not stick out like a sore thumb. These cubicles are convenient and cost-effective. The best thing about them is that they can be customized to look like a miniature dream room.

Using Modern Day Technology in the Customization of Callaway Golf Clubs

Golf is a sporting event that is played on a green. There are different courses that have to be completed. The challenge in each course increases as the game moves along. A full game involves 18 holes. There are different shots that can be taken per course and different irons that should be used depending on the type of shot that has to be made. In tournaments hosted by Callaway golf and similar companies, the main objective is to have the least number of strokes at the end of the game.

Hybrid clubsThe game of golf has been played for centuries and there are plenty of people who are engaged in this activity. It is a leisure activity for some while others treat is as a competitive component in their lives. For the past centuries, golf clubs were made under the concept of one-size-fits-all. This means that there existed a standard set for male adults, one for females, and another for children. These were based on average or statistical measurements. Any other measurements and specifications were not taken into account. It was only during current decades when companies like Callaway golf started redeveloping these pieces of sporting equipment.

Although many forms of technology have been developed and applied to modify golf irons through the years, there are still a number of players who continue to rely on standard sets. During the first few years when modified clubs were made available to consumers, the lack of information made the decision-making process more of a hit and miss. It is a good thing that special assessment software programs are now available for players to use to find their perfect set of clubs.

Companies like Callaway golf are spearheading this new technology. As much as they can, golf stores are encouraging their clients to try this new program out. It uses a green screen equipped on a square perimeter with high-speed cameras that do not only catch every angle of a golfer’s swing but measures the player’s height, swing strength, and twisting movement as well.

The information gathered is then transferred onto a computer unit where the program generates a suggested measurement for all of the different irons that can be found in a golf set. This means that there are separate measurements for the woods, putters, and drivers. The generated measurement includes a shaft length, head diameter, head weight, and head angle.

This measurement process used by Callaway golf is called club fitting. It only takes a couple of hours to complete the fitting process per player. This is a service that retailers offer free of charge to their customers. When the measurements have been taken, depending on the assessment, the retailer will suggest materials for the shaft that best suit the player’s needs. Considering the small price difference that comes with buying a custom set over standard clubs, more and more players are resorting to the former.

One of the reasons why custom Callaway golf clubs are advisable over standard offerings, especially for new players, is the fact that they are tailored to a person’s needs. The customization can easily improve a player’s game because it fits him perfectly, as simple as that. It is often said that in a game like golf, there is a certain investment that participants have to make and equipment like clubs is one area where a majority of the total investment gets placed into.

When custom clubs are manufactured, it takes as little time as a week to half a month to deliver these to the clients. The quick and easy assessment to delivery process makes the new technology even more enticing.

Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards

printedcircuitboardsPrinted circuit boards are used in most electronic products. These boards connect different types of electric components through conductive tracks that are etched from copper sheets. They also act as a physical support to keep the components in place.

Making these boards takes a lot of time and resources, that’s why preparations are done before the actual parts are made. Designing printed circuit boards were done manually by making an opaque plate with transparent patterns on a BoPET film. This plate is called a photomask. Then the conductive tracks were made using self-adhesive tape. After that, the photomask is then reproduced on a copper board using photolithography.

Nowadays there are computer programs that one can use to simulate the circuit that one is planning to make. Through this computer program, one can see if the circuit is working as intended. If not, then certain adjustments can be done on the program until the circuit is working properly. This can save time and resources when making printed circuit boards since the computer program detects the errors before the actual board and its components are made.

Once all the adjustments are made for the circuit to work properly, another program is used to convert the circuit into a PCB layout. The PCB software can also be used to create circuits from scratch and then convert them. One can also skip the creation of a circuit and directly create a PCB layout. When the layout is created, it can be viewed in different ways to further simulate the PCB or make more adjustments.

The PCB software can also be used to aid in etching by simulating the etched image of the PCB layout. This feature allows one to know how much of the copper is to be removed. When one is fully sure about the PCB layout, the PCB software can present it as an image that can be used to print out a transparency to be put in the actual board.

After all the computer simulation, the printed circuit boards are ready to be manufactured. The patterns created in the program will then be put in the board itself. There are different ways to do this and one of them is by using etch-resistant inks to create a protective layer. This is called silkscreen printing.

Another one is by using UV rays to selectively remove UV-sensitive parts of the board, this is called photoengraving. After this, the holes are drilled into certain parts of the conductive tracks of the PCB. Depending on the size of the PCB and its holes, certain drill bits are used to drill the holes. This process is done more effectively with machines but it can also be done manually.

The next procedure is assembling the PCBs into a panel. Some panels have PCBs with multiple designs and are mixed together, some have a single design. Eventually the panel is broken apart. The PCBs are separated by drilling along the boundaries of each individual circuit. Another method for doing this is by using a laser. This is mostly used today and is much more advisable when dealing with fragile circuits because this method makes no contact, greatly reducing stress that may break them. Some PCBs do not require to be assembled together into a panel so this manufacturing process is skipped and the boards etched after the copper patterns are put into them.

Etching is a process in which excess copper are removed. For small-scale production, immersion etching is used. This is mostly done by individuals and it takes quite some time to complete. For mass production, spray etching is used where the etching solution is sprayed onto the board by nozzles with controllable pressure. Once the etching is done, the parts are assembled together and the printed circuit boards are finally ready for use.

High quality Printed Circuit Boards fabrication and assembly. We ship PCB Prototypes the Same Day! From prototype to production of single, double, and multilayer PC Boards.

Rock that School Uniform with Lanyards

School uniforms – students do know a thing or two about those boring campus staples. Fashionable students, especially, would cringe at the thought of wearing the same thing and style over and over for the whole year, not to mention their IDs dangling from their necks. How else can you strut your stuff in school?

IDlanyardsThankfully, someone made ID lanyards. At first these wardrobe pieces were just worn for the sole purpose of holding your ID, but due to the various designs and styles coming out in the market today, it seems that ID lanyards are becoming closet must-haves on their own. For the fashion-conscious, these ID holders should be anything but dull. Here are some suggestions for styles that fit your personality.

For the preppy school girl, a multicolored paisley design will bring out the feminine in her. A striped blue lanyard, on the other hand, is perfect for campus hotties who prefer a clean, streamlined look. Another preppy design consists of pastels or the “bubblegum” colored ID lanyards that really look good on that crisp white blouse. The more traditional preppy look, however, falls on houndstooth and checkered patterns.

The rebel chick and James Dean wannabe might prefer ID lanyards that shout “rock and roll”. White skull motif on black is one example of the rocker chic design. Red, white, and black are great colors, too, especially if the lanyard is made of leather. You may also take inspiration from music – a guitar design on your ID holder will definitely show your offbeat personality.

Simple designs also look good on school uniforms. Never underestimate the power of solid colors on uniforms. But whether you wear uniforms or you’re allowed to wear anything to school, solid colored lanyards are the safest bet. Navy blue and black look good on gray and vice versa. Add a pop of color to a neutral colored garb with yellow, green, and orange. White and cream-colored lanyards stand out against dark-colored clothes.

How thick should your lanyard be? It actually depends on you, but those with a wider strap look good on the younger set, especially if they are really after the design. A wider lanyard means greater space for creativity. In contrast, slender straps look really nice on college students, especially if the purpose for wearing the lanyard is to hold the ID and not show off any design.
This doesn’t mean, though, that slender straps are not cool. They just give the “grown-up, no-nonsense” vibe.
Why are lanyards too popular among students, anyway? Aside from their functionality, they also make something mandatory and icky to wear really cool. Because these lanyards do not really cost much when sold apiece, students can buy as many as they can, and change their lanyards according to their outfit of the day, or their mood.

Suppose you are having second thoughts about buying lanyards, you can choose from an array of eye-catching lanyards from companies that manufacture and sell them. These companies pay attention to detail and are aware of the current trends in design. You can surely find lanyards that are budget friendly, too.

If you can’t find a design that you like, you may also consider asking the manufacturer for custom designs or personalized lanyards. You can ask your favorite cartoon character, quotation, or basketball team logo to be printed on the strap. You can also suggest the kind of pattern that you want so that your lanyard really reflects your aesthetics.
With lanyards, you don’t have to worry about wearing your ID the old-fashioned way. Who knows? You might even enjoy changing lanyards every now and then.